• The only one Imperial quality
  • Only organic ingredients
  • Last 3 time longer than other charcoal
  • Feel the best hookah session!
History of brand
Cocos nucifera (Borneo) is a special breed of coconut palms growing in Borneo Island, Indonesia. It’s considered worldwide to be the best raw material from this region for the production of coconut charcoal for hookah. The charcoal produced is distinguished by an incomparable high quality. The charcoal from Cocos nucifera (Borneo) palm nuts burns hot,
shows excellent burn time, doesn't influence flavor and produces a sweet and unique smoke. This unique flora of the Borneo Island was mentioned by Marco Polo in his diaries in 1521. He was the first European explorer to visit the island. According to local legends, he was impressed by the potential of coconut palms.
Following tradition, Ecocha coconut charcoal is made from the shell of the Cocos nucifera (Borneo) palm nuts. Only pure organic materials like tapioca (manioca organic starch) and water are used for its production. Solicitously made, with love for you! Ecocha is 100% organic, free of chemicals and propellants.

Lasts 3 times longer
than other charcoals

Burns hot, stable,
without sparks

Has natural flavor

Doesn’t influence the
flavor of tobacco

Contains no nitre
or sulfur

Not a single tree is cut
down to produce this

Why do hookah lounges choose to use Ecocha?

Restaurants choose Ecocha coconut charcoal with pleasure. As we know, restaurants are the most critical clients. What is the secret of Ecocha?

  • Thanks to the usage of natural ingredients, Ecocha lets hookah lovers enjoy the real taste of tobacco without the after-taste of charcoal. If the customers are satisfied, the restaurant is satisfied too.
  • In spite of the high quality of the charcoal, the price of Ecocha allows for it to be available to any customer. It gives restaurants additional opportunities to save on the cost of charcoal for hookah.
  • Ecocha’s special flat shape controls the temperature during hookah smoking and there is a guarantee that the tobacco won’t burn and hookah smoking won’t be spoiled.
  • In the modern world, traditions and quality are highly valued. Ecocha is produced using classic technology of making coconut charcoal. Only coconut shell, water and organic tapioca (starch from local vegetables) are used for its preparation.
  • The originality of Ecocha charcoal consists of using specially selected palm fruits Cocos Nucifera (Borneo). The quality of the coconut enables Ecocha charcoal to burn longer than other hookah charcoals. Of course, restaurants value and respect the quality of Ecocha.
Save money with Ecocha

Ecocha charcoal, in accordance with traditional technology of production, is pressed from natural ingredients. This enables Ecocha charcoal to burn longer than other charcoals, while giving a constant temperature.

Thanks to the original properties of palm fruits Cocos Nucifera (Borneo), the density of Ecocha charcoal is higher than other charcoals. This lets you save by using Ecocha charcoal.

  • You will need about 4 times less charcoal compared to using regular charcoal.
  • Compared with other coconut charcoals, you save from 10 % to 20%.
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1. Prepare the charcoal


2. Place charcoal on burner and set temperature to high


3. After 5 min., flip charcoal and continue heating for 3-4 min.


4. Turn off the burner, remove charcoal and place them on top of the prepared hookah head


5. Don’t use charcoal unless the color is glowing red

Instructions for safe usage
Do not use any fuel to light the charcoal as fuel is dangerous and adds smell to the charcoal
Store in an area unreachable to children
Light in a well ventilated area

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